There When You Need Us

We are your local resource for major event medical staffing. Medical Support Standby is the presence of EMT's at a special community event where Basic Life Support (Advanced First Aid) may be required. Such events might include community sporting events, graduations, music festivals, and more.

Comprehensive Onsite Emergency Care 

Our EMT's always arrive equipped with a comprehensive medical supply kit.

A FES Ambulance and Fly Car at the Arnot Mall to standby for Xcite Wresting.

Pricing is for private or for profit events.  If the event is a community event, we do not charge for our services. 

Basic Life Support (BLS) Fly Car


A BLS fly car is staffed by a single EMT and is capable of handling basic emergencies such as falls, fractures, bleeding control, heat/cold emergencies, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, allergic reaction, overdose as well as CPR/AED. 

We will begin care while requesting a transporting ambulance and/or Paramedic should the patient condition require such.

Basic Life Support (BLS) 

Non-transporting Ambulance


Our BLS Ambulance is staffed with 2 EMT's are capable of handling basic emergencies such as falls, fractures, bleeding control, heat/cold emergencies, nausea, vomiting, dizziness, allergic reaction, overdose as well as CPR/AED. 

For patients requiring advanced care or transport, the BLS crew will request a Paramedic and/or Ambulance transport the patient to the hospital. 

Service Areas:

Based out of Elmira, NY - We offer Event Medical Services though out New York State.  Our base rate applies to Elmira and surrounding communities within a 60 mile radius.  Syracuse, Rochester,  Buffalo, Albany, the Hudson Valley and New York City events will be charged a mileage rate of .65 cents per mile after the first 60 miles.

Importance of Standby EMT's During Events

Any event or place that witnesses a large gathering is subject to numerous risks, whether it’s a concert, exhibition, wedding, religious ceremony, or rally. The risk can be in the form of stampedes, fires, falls, or any other medical emergency. Having Flynn Emergency Services on scene for events is thus a necessary precaution that all event organizers should take into consideration.

The responsibility for the safety and security of the participants or attendees is on the organizer of the event in case of any medical emergencies, accidents, or any unforeseen circumstances. In such a scenario, the event organizers need to have a dependable emergency plan that can ensure a participant or attendee does not face any dire consequences because of lack of medical support. 

Why Are EMT's Useful at Events?

Having an event EMS service as an organizer of the event is important because of numerous reasons. Here are some of them:

1.Medical Treatment & Assistance

When there is a large group of people in a common space, there is a high possibility of accidents occurring. Having a EMT on standby for events can ensure that an individual or a group of individuals get the right kind of medical treatment in case of an accident or health issue. The primary goal of an standby EMT is to prevent life-threatening injuries from becoming fatal. 

2.Can Help Prevent Panic

At events and gatherings, the risk of harm to human life may not necessarily be because of accidents like fire or explosions, but many times tragic incidents can occur simply because of panic. Having an event standby crew can assure people that they will be catered to in case of an accident or medical emergency. This can help attendees and participants of an event feel relaxed and at peace.

3.Fast & Dependable Medical Service

If the paramedic team doesn’t reach a person at the right time, it can have dire consequences for the individual. Hiring Flynn Emergency Services ensures that an individual who is injured or is having a health issue is taken care of at the earliest time possible. Having FES on scene reduces the response time in the event of accidents and emergencies and this can have significant positive impact on the victim’s condition and state.

4. Several Kinds of Medical Emergencies Taken Care Of

Our EMT's are trained and experienced in taking care of a range of medical emergencies. When you hire Flynn Emergency Services, you can stay rest assured that various types of health-related emergencies or accidents can be dealt with through the use of our EMT's. Whether it’s passing out due to heat and exhaustion or having a terrible fall, or having a heart attack – we are equipped to provide emergency medical support for all these cases and many more.

5.At Events With Alcohol

While it is important to have EMT's at all events, it is even more important to have an EMT at a gathering or an event where alcohol is being served. When people have excessive alcohol, it can sometimes be a health hazard for people and there are also higher chances of excessive alcohol consumption leading to accidents or mishaps.

6.For Events in Remote Areas

For events that take place in remote areas, which make access to hospitals difficult or time-consuming , having a EMT on site is extremely essential. This can ensure that in case of an accident or medical emergency, the victim gets first aid at the earliest and can be taken to the hospital in the least amount of time.

We provide standby services for the following types of events in the Southern Tier:

● Concerts
● Sport Events
● Trade Shows
● Air Shows
● Festivals
● Auto Races
● TV & Film Sets
● Big Weddings
● Community Events
● Fireworks
● Parades

Having EMT's at the venue can make attendees and participants feel relaxed and assured about their safety and wellness. Our event standby team is highly trained and experienced, and they make sure that they offer the highest quality care. When we arrive at your event, we see to it that our medics are placed at strategic positions and places at the venue. This is to ensure that people can see and access emergency medical services or first aid at the event, whenever the need arises. We offer our services at both big and small events and our team will provide reliable and professional services.